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COVID-19: What To Expect At Your Next Dental Visit!

July 1, 2020

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In a wonderful community like ours, going to the dentist is about more than simply getting your teeth cleaned or having a cavity filled. While services such as these are vitally important to one’s health, what people really look forward to is catching up with their dental hygienist they’ve known for years, seeing a neighbor, or even bumping into their former teacher from Buda Elementary. The relationships that exist within the four walls of a dental practice are special, and it isn’t uncommon to hear people laughing down the hall, or see a nervous patient receiving a big hug after a visit. This is part of what makes the community of Buda so tight-knit! However, with the COVID-19 pandemic shaking up our world, many are left wondering what it will be like the next time they visit their dentist. Will it still feel welcoming? Will it still be safe? What has changed?

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