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Buda Texas dentist Ashley Strickland D D S

With nearly 20 years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Strickland has built countless meaningful relationships. She loves getting to know dental patients, their families, and their one-of-a-kind stories. In fact, she feels like she’s really grown up in this “family” of dental patients at Buda Dental Professionals, raising her children alongside them and caring for their health throughout the ups and downs of life. These connections fill her heart every day! She’s always ready to help someone overcome anxiety, achieve their dental goals, and become more self-confident in the process.

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Why Did You Decide to Become a Dentist?

Doctor Strickland talking to dental patient

While growing up, Dr. Strickland had a great experience with her childhood orthodontist. Visiting their dental office was always so fun – the space had such an upbeat atmosphere, and the doctor had a friendly, caring attitude. Years later, on her summers back from college, she worked for her orthodontist and quickly discovered that she loved being involved in the dental field, which ultimately led to her becoming a dentist. Her orthodontist actually still practices in Austin to this day, and it’s been fun to work together professionally!

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Where Did You Study Dentistry?

Doctor Strickland's dental school diploma

After studying at Texas Tech University, Dr. Strickland achieved her Dental Doctorate at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, graduating with Honors in both Research and Teaching. She has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education over the years. Currently, she is studying at the highly esteemed Kois Center, which is an advanced training facility in Seattle, WA that dentists and specialists from around the world come to train at. The track consists of approximately 250 hours of state-of-the-art training, and she hopes to graduate in 2024.

As for memberships, she is a Past President of the Central Texas Academy of General Dentistry and a current member of the Academy of General Dentistry. In 2010, she was nominated for Texas New Dentist of the Year!

Outside of the Dental Office, What Do You Like to Do?

Doctor Strickland and her family

Dr. Strickland married Kasey, her high school sweetheart, while in dental school. They have two teenage children named Eli (17) and Hadley (15), as well as a “bonus daughter”, Erica, who is 22. As for hobbies, the family loves staying super involved in their church (Sozo Church in San Marcos) and have led Young Adult and College Groups at their home. Dr. Strickland also enjoys running, hiking, yoga, reading fiction, tackling various home DIY projects when time allows, and traveling with her family.

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