Dental Implants – Buda, TX

New Teeth That Will Last a Lifetime

Dental implants from our Buda, TX are root-shaped posts that are surgically inserted into the bone to help replace missing teeth.  As the bone grows and attaches to the dental implant over an average of three months, these posts provide a sturdy, long-lasting solution to replacing missing teeth.


Dental implants are typically made from titanium or titanium alloys, which allow for bone to grow to their surfaces.  Dental implants can also be made from ceramic materials if someone is adverse to metal.  Dental implants provide a predictable option to replace missing teeth as it avoids having to use any teeth for restorative purposes, is not susceptible to decay, and is able to withstand chewing and functioning forces that the natural teeth may not.  Dental implants are surgically placed into the bone using surgical burs that specifically shape the bone to the same diameter and length of the dental implant itself.  Once it is healed, a post or abutment is attached to the dental implant that will hold the tooth restoration in place.  These dental restorations can be designed to be retrievable if needed for repair, but they are intended to be permanent dental restorations. On average, from the time the dental implant is placed, it takes four months to get the final tooth restoration. Options are available to temporarily replace teeth during the healing and fabrication phase. People who have diabetes, take bisphosphonate medications, or smoke regularly are at higher risk for dental implants to fail or not integrate into the bone. With these conditions, the patient must work closely with the dental professional to reduce the risks.


If you are missing a tooth or are about to lose a tooth and are considering a dental implant, please reach out to your dentistry professional quickly as the amount and quality of the bone, which is needed to support dental implants, can diminish over time.