Teeth Whitening – Buda, TX

A Brighter Smile the Easy Way

Teeth whitening from our Buda, TX cosmetic dentist, also called teeth bleaching, is the process of lightening the teeth using a gel designed to penetrate the outer surface of the teeth to get to deeper stains and discoloration. These professional systems are created by your dental team and can be applied through in-office treatments and custom-fit trays. The end result is often a whiter, brighter smile using natural tooth structure.


Teeth whitening uses a specially designed gel made from peroxide based bleach. The gel is either applied in-office at higher concentrations or placed in custom-fit trays at home in lower concentrations. The peroxide bleach penetrates the outer layer of the enamel to reach deep, intrinsic stains that form over time. As the stain is removed, the teeth appear whiter and brighter.


The materials used by a dental professional are more concentrated and effective than the over-the-counter versions sold online and in stores. Existing dental restorations such as dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and tooth bonded fillings will not respond to the bleaching material and will stay the same color.


One very common side effect is sensitivity of the teeth and gums after teeth whitening treatment. In severe cases, especially if the tooth structure is weakened by wear or decay, the sensitivity can become more severe and irreversible, requiring treatment of the nerve through a procedure called a root canal. These outcomes are very rare, and are managed by careful evaluation and planning by the dental team before starting treatment.


If you are considering teeth whitening, schedule a consultation with your dentist asap to review your specific needs and come up with the safest, most effective plan possible to get that smile whiter and brighter.