Dentures – Buda, TX

Come Get Your Smile Back

If you are missing numerous teeth, have many broken or failing teeth, or your gum health is poor and the teeth no longer have bony support, dentures from our Buda, TX dentist may be the solution for you.  With the introduction of dental implants, dentures have become a more viable, functional, and satisfying option for those whose lack of anatomy, ridge, or bone makes wearing dentures a challenge.


A denture is an acrylic appliance that mimics missing teeth and tissue and is designed to rest comfortably against the dental arch after teeth are removed. A partial is a removable appliance that has a metal substructure and uses the remaining teeth for support. A dental implant-assisted denture is an acrylic denture that rests on the ridge firmly and has the added support of dental implants that can help hold it temporarily in place. Dental implant-assisted dentures are still removable.


Dental implant-fixed dentures or hybrid dentures are often referred to as “same day teeth.” This an acrylic denture with a metal substructure that is attached permanently to dental implants. Before the teeth are removed, a healing denture is designed to be inserted the same day as the surgery, allowing people to transition from teeth to dentures on the same day. After healing has completed, a final set of dentures is fabricated to ensure the best fit, esthetics, and function. With the addition of dental implants, the dentures become a stronger, better chewing appliance. Dental implants also help with bone preservation under the denture, and allow for the option of fixed, permanent teeth the same day as the dental surgery.


If you are suffering from tooth loss and are considering dentures or dental implant-assisted or fixed dentures, reach out to us soon as to prevent more damage to underlying bone and tissue, which can allow for the best fitting appliances possible.