Dental Crowns – Buda, TX

How We Can Rebuild Your Teeth for Life

Do you have teeth with old, large fillings?  Are your teeth broken and cracked making it difficult to chew or uncomfortable to smile?  Dental crowns can resolve these issues by creating a strong, functional, life-like covering for teeth that have been weakened or compromised.


A dental crown is restoration that replaces lost, weak, damaged or unsightly tooth structure.  A crown is made by taking an impression or scan of a tooth that has been prepared by removing compromised structure.  The crown is permanently cemented to the tooth and is not removable.  Crowns are made of all ceramic materials, ceramics fused to a metal substructure or entirely of gold alloys.  The crown is designed to replace missing or broken tooth structure.  It can protect the teeth, improve the bite and appearance, and sometimes prevent future decay.  Occasionally, the tooth being repaired may have sensitivity that lingers for months, or may need a root canal depending on how much the tooth was compromised.  Typically, a crown lasts for up to 20 years, but can still be susceptible to decay or chipping and wear, depending on the individual.  If you feel you have a tooth that is compromised, reach out to a dental professional quickly as timing can be of the essence to place a crown and protect the tooth.