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You need all of your teeth in order to enjoy a full diet, speak clearly, and smile with confidence at job interviews and other important events. What can you do if a permanent tooth is knocked out or has to be removed? There’s no need to force yourself to live with the gap; at Buda Dental Professionals, we can replace any number of teeth with restorations customized to meet your specific needs. Call us today to learn more about the available options to replace missing teeth at our Buda, TX dental office.

Why Choose Buda Dental Professionals for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • In-House Dental Implant Placement
  • Fully Customized Restorations
  • Detailed, Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Dental Bridges

Model smile with dental bridge restoration

A dental bridge is a type of restoration that makes use of the teeth on either side of the gap that it’s meant to fill in. Each bridge consists of two crowns and a number of “pontics” (prosthetic teeth). The crowns are anchored to your natural teeth so that the pontics can complete your smile. Like individual crowns, bridges can be made out of tooth-colored materials so that one looks like a natural part of your smile.


Hand holding a full denture

When several or all of your teeth are missing, dentures are often the most affordable way to replace them all at once. Partial and full dentures are both made out of acrylic and porcelain materials that resemble your natural teeth and gums. While partial dentures only fill in a set number of gaps in a single arch, full dentures can be used to replace all of your teeth at once. You can take your dentures out at night for routine maintenance; this also allows you to directly clean your gums, making it easier to take care of your oral health as a whole.

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Dental Implants

Animated smile during dental implant placement

Dental implants are a step beyond more traditional tooth replacements. Bridges and dentures can only be used to restore the crown portion of missing teeth; implants go further and replace the roots as well, giving them greater chewing strength and allowing them to last far longer. At our dental office, we’re able to handle every step of the implant process, including placing them in your jaw. If you schedule a consultation with us, we can help you figure out whether implants are truly the best choice for restoring your smile.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Closeup of smile before and after full mouth reconstruction

Do you have multiple teeth that need to be restored or replaced? In cases of extensive dental damage, we may recommend what’s known as a full mouth reconstruction. Tooth replacements such as bridges and dental implants are combined with a number of other restorative treatments in order to get your smile back to a place where it can function normally while still looking natural. The process often takes multiple visits, but the results are well worth it in the long term!

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