4 Reasons to Say Good-Bye to Your Fear of Getting Dental Implants

May 9, 2023

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a man smiling in the mirror at the dentist’s office after receiving dental implants

Did you know that millions of people have restored their smiles with dental implants? Considered the gold standard of tooth loss solutions by most dental professionals, they have given back the joy and ease that comes with having a fully functioning set of complete pearly whites. Since they replace the entire tooth from root to crown, they provide incomparable stability and longevity. However, while the procedure is a process, it is nothing to be scared of! Read on to learn four reasons why you can be excited about getting dental implants—not fearful.

#1. Dental Implants Have a High Success Rate

Out of all the tooth replacements, dental implants are remarkably reliable. Although it does require surgery, it’s estimated that 95% of dental implants are successful once placed. As long as you follow your dentist’s directions and maintain a good oral hygiene routine, you can count on your restored teeth to not have any negative consequences and give you the smile you have wanted!

#2. The Dental Implant Procedure Will Be Comfortable

Naturally, dental surgery makes many people nervous. The dental chair is often associated with pain. Fortunately, the dental implant procedure will be very comfortable due to the use of a powerful local anesthetist. During the surgery, you will be completely at ease as your dentist places implants in your mouth.

#3. The Healing Process Is Mild

You may think that a major procedure like getting dental implants will require a long, tough recovery. Fortunately, dental implant aftercare tends to be easier than even a tooth extraction. You will only need to take a few days off work as your mouth begins the healing process. You can rely on over-the-counter pain medication to get you through any discomfort. If you are getting several dental implants placed, your dentist can also prescribe prescription painkillers for you to make your days of rest even easier.

 #4. Dental Implants Are Long-Lasting

Dental implants can last as long as 30 years. In some cases, people can even count on them for the rest of their lifetimes. Since the biocompatible steel posts naturally integrate with the jawbone, they are very durable. By brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily, you can count on your natural-looking and strong smile to last for years to come!

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