2 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Go with Your Smile

October 31, 2023

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Some kids in their Halloween costumes with jack o' lantern smiles

So, you’ve been gliding through October taking care of your oral health, enjoying the pumpkin spice, the cinnamon brooms, and the inexplicable spider decor at every turn, but you’ve missed an important detail…Halloween is here!

Before you rush out to buy an expensive costume, give the ones below a look. Each will be made on a budget and with materials you might have around the house!

Tooth Fairy

A classy and elegant fairy with glittering magical wings and a penchant for exchanging teeth for coins. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • White or light-colored dress or shirt
  • White or light-colored pants or leggings
  • Scrap fabric
  • Cardboard or poster board
  • Aluminum foil
  • String or ribbon
  • Glitter or sequins
  • Glue

Step 1: Wear a white dress or shirt and pants/leggings to serve as the base of your costume.

Step 2: Create a pair of wings from the cardboard as large as you can get them from the material available. Cover these wings with tinfoil and decorate them with glitter or sequins.

Step 3: Cut out a few teeth from any remaining cardboard, paint them white, and attach each one to a string or ribbon so you can wear it around your neck.

Step 4: Use your scrap fabric or cut a square of fabric from an old tee shirt and drop some change in it. Fold the ends upward and tie them together with the string to make a coin pouch. This can either be secured at your waist with ribbon or carried.

Step 5: If you have a tiara or crown, wear it to complete the Tooth Fairy look. If you need one, make it from the materials you still have. A strip of cardboard decorated with some sequins will do the trick!

2. Giant Toothbrush

Whether you’re looking to demonstrate your enthusiasm for good oral hygiene or just make a statement, you’re sure to get some laughs out of this quirky sandwich board-style toothbrush costume. You’ll need:

  • Two large cardboard boxes or a large roll of foam
  • Some paint of your favorite color
  • Four boxes of plastic straws
  • String or elastic
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 1: Unroll the cardboard box by cutting one of the corners so the four sides of the box open into one strip. Do the same with the other box so you have two large strips to work with.

Step 2: Cut a brush head and handle from both pieces of cardboard. On one piece, cut a hole big enough for your face in the top so you can look out from the center of the brush.

Step 3: Paint your toothbrush pieces and let them dry. Then attach them at the top with string to “sew” them together. Be sure that when you put the costume over your head, you can look through the hole you made.

Step 4: Add “bristles” around your face on the head of the toothbrush by gluing the straws in place.

Sep 5: Don the costume, possibly securing it around your waist with ribbon or string.

With either of these costumes, you’ll be sure to bring a smile to anyone you meet on Halloween. Be sure to show your dentist the pictures later when you go in for your checkup!

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