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June 1, 2021

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If you’ve ever longed to have an extraordinary smile — one that gives you personal confidence and connectedness — let this be the year you make it a reality. With masks starting to come off, what better time to invest in your smile? One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is giving someone the personal, social, and psychological boost of an ear-to-ear smile he or she can be proud of. Our experience is that many adults want that, but few really know what’s possible and how easy (or sometimes challenging) it might be to create the smile of their dreams. During a consultation, we take a series of photos to help patients see themselves from several different perspectives and dialogue about the options. Often patients are instantly relieved and excited upon learning that the solution they seek is well within their reach.

Perception is Reality

Sporting a beautiful smile as judged by you, the beholder, means you automatically do it more. That’s a huge health bonus in itself! Most of us think we smile because we’re happy, but here’s a mind-blowing fact. Research shows us that merely activating our smile muscles releases dopamine and serotonin, brain neurotransmitters that induce pleasure and happiness. So smiling itself literally boosts our mood!

Power Of Attraction

A genuine smile attracts others to your heart. Humans are subconsciously attracted to smilers. It is a universal expression of happiness & friendliness, and we are hardwired to gravitate toward a person with a genuine smile. And smiles are contagious! How many times has a stranger smiled at you in the grocery store, and you can’t help but do it yourself? It connects us as human beings, in a necessary way.

Creating An Awesome Smile

In dentistry we can help create AWESOME smiles using many technological advancements such as

  • age-defying tooth lightening,
  • tooth movement (orthodontics),
  • tooth reshaping (composites),
  • ceramic veneers and/or crowns,
  • tooth lengthening procedures (minor gum surgery),
  • implants,
  • dentures, and more.

When exploring this list of options, people can feel intimidated, often thinking to themselves, “I can’t afford that”. But you may be surprised to learn that improving one’s appearance is quite often completely attainable. We ask our patients, those who have invested their time and dollars to have these procedures, “Was it worth it?”. The response is an overwhelming, “YES” — and we often hear, “I wish I had done it years before!”.

Give it a try as you’re reading this — smile! Note how it makes you and those around you feel. And if you are someone who recognizes that you often hesitate to smile around others because of the appearance of your teeth, we invite you to give us a call for a complimentary consult. We love helping others achieve a smile that they can share without a second thought!

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