New Dental Patient Information – Buda, TX

Come Enjoy a Warm Welcome

We are unconventional in the way we welcome new patients. Our dental office is a throw back to the days when the relationship between dentistry patient and dentist centered around authenticity and genuine concern; when the dentist listened. We believe that people do not come to us wanting dentistry alone; they ultimately want what dentistry can do to improve the quality of their lives. Whether that would be the elimination of pain, the dental restoration of an aged smile, or simply having the peace of mind that everything is healthy, we are focused on meeting our dental patients’ needs in this way. Basing the relationship on trust and respect is where it all begins, and to develop trust takes time. This is how our New Patient Experience originated.


We have created a two-step New Patient Experience that enables you to get to know our doctors and our team, and helps us come to know you as the whole individual–not just by your teeth! We invite our dental patients to be a part of not only discovering where they lie on the spectrum of oral health, but play an active role in planning out their future treatment needs. Through this collaboration, we believe that people can achieve ideal, long-lasting health for themselves and their families.

Patient Forms

We’ve provided links below for New Patient Forms…check them out!

Adult New Patient Forms

BDP Kids New Patient Form