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Sedation Dentistry

Calming Dental Anxiety in Buda

If you have been avoiding visiting the dentist for many years because you suffer from fear and anxiety, we want you to know that we can help. Our team is trained to offer our patients different levels of sedation dentistry – all of which can help those with dental phobias to undergo treatment with ease. Regardless of your personal dental history (past experiences, difficulty getting numb, a strong gag reflex, or inability to open mouth for extended periods of time due to TMJ), sedation dentistry can calm your anxieties and help you move further towards dental health.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, is a gentle way to help ease mild anxiety surrounding dental treatment. Most patients have found that the use of Nitrous Oxide alone is sufficient to help them relax, and for dental visits to be more enjoyable. Nitrous Oxide is very safe, predictable, and the patient can drive home following the appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral Sedation is beneficial for patients needing lengthy dental procedures or those patients who are particularly anxious about receiving dental care. This method involves the administration of prescribed medications taken prior to the appointment. Because patients are in a deeper state of sedation than with nitrous oxide, longer appointments are scheduled, meaning that more dental treatment can be performed at one time. Patients electing oral conscious sedation must have a family member or friend who can transport them to and from the appointment and remain in the office the length of the visit.

IV Sedation

We are pleased to have a doctor who visits our office to perform routine oral surgery procedures, such as wisdom tooth extraction, and incorporates IV sedation with the treatment. This has been found to be a huge asset to the families we see, not only because they are comfortable in the setting of our office, but it eliminates the need for them to drive into Austin for treatment.


NuCalm is a safe, proven system that quickly relaxes you without using narcotics or other controlled substances. NuCalm naturally brings your body to the first stage of sleep. You will feel the same way you feel just as you are about to fall asleep. The amazing thing is that you feel this way for the entire dental appointment! NuCalm may be the perfect solution for those people with high dental fear.

The benefits of NuCalm include:

  • It promotes complete relaxation, thereby reducing dental anxiety.
  • You will be conscious and able to respond to voice commands throughout the procedure.
  • You can come and go to the appointment on your own (there is no recovery time, no supervision required after the appointment).
  • There are no known side effects in the 50,000+ uses to date.
  • It promotes better dentistry because you are relaxed and still (reduced startle response, salivary flow, and gag reflex).